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Congo Style Rumba and Soukous


Dodo Munoko, recognized as one of Africa's most gifted vocalists, performs Congo Style Rumba, as well as its energetic and at times raucous dance floor offshoot, "soukous”. Adapted from the French secouer, meaning "to shake", soukous has been the most popular dance music in Africa for decades, is the preferred contemporary African sound in Western Europe, and is steadily becoming a dance floor favorite from New York City to Los Angeles. A rousing mixture of florid vocals sung in Pan African Lingala or French, unrivaled electric guitar interplay, and highly charged percussion rhythms, Congo Style Rumba and soukous have dance scene insiders buzzing from coast to coast.

Born in the African nation of Congo (previously known as Zaire), Dodo Munoko grew up eagerly studying the various vocal styles of the greatest singers of Congo Style Rumba, such as Joseph Kabesele, Tabu Ley Rocheraeu, and Sam Mangwana. Early in his prolific career Dodo Munoko was given the opportunity to sing with Grand Zaiko Wawa, created by the gifted guitarist Pepe Felix Manuaku.

In 1983 Dodo Munoko joined Zaiko Langa Langa, the preeminent "new generation rumba" band that emphasized interactive electric guitars, rattling snare drums, and highly animated vocal exhortation, all of which gave the music a more raucous edge. In 1985, Tabu Ley Rochereau, long one of Africa's greatest singers, invited Dodo Munoko to join his Afrisa International Orchestra in Paris, France. Upon the conclusion of Afrisa International Orchestra's 1996 United States tour, Dodo Munoko chose Los Angeles as his new home.

Recognizing the overwhelming effect that Congo Style Rumba and soukous had on concert audiences across America, Dodo Munoko chose a select number of talented fellow musicians and formed La Rumba Band. Combining the melodic singing of Congo Style Rumba with the raw and powerful energy of soukous, La Rumba Band has caught the attention of music reviewers and columnists such as CC Smith, publisher of The Beat magazine and music critic for the LA Weekly, who says . -. they put it all together with enthusiasm and joie de vivre."

Dodo Munoko
and La Rumba Band's latest CD release, Easy Rhythm, is a supremely satisfying blend of smoothly grooving Congo Style Rumba mixed with a potent measure of soukous. Easy Rhythm reflects Dodo Munoko's many years of studio recording sessions and concert performances world wide with renowned singers such as Pepe Kalle, Koffi Olomide, and Papa Wemba, to name only a few. Stephen Libowitz, entertainment editor of the Santa Barbara based Montecito Journal, writes that a La Rumba Band performance is "...the kind of gig that you wouldn't top if you traveled 3,000 miles to the famed S.O.B.'s club in New York." Rest assured that the high musical artistry of Dodo Munoko & La Rumba Band will only add to the fast growing popularity of Congo Style Rumba and soukous on dance floors nationwide.

Here are a few samples of Dodo Munoki & La Rumba Band:

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